Werneth Jamia Masjid was the first Masjid to be established in the Werneth area of Oldham. The building was previously used as a grocery store and was purchased in 1976 to be converted into a much needed place of worship. The local community helped raise the £7,200 required to purchase the property through donations.


By the late 80’s, the Muslim community in Werneth had substantially grown and exceeded the Masjid’s capacity. The building next door, which at the time was being used for storage purposes by Shoelines, was available for sale. In 1992 the local community (Alhamdulillah – All praise is due to Allah) raised a further £14,000 to purchase the property to be used as an extension to the main building. Extensive work was carried out, internally as well as externally and joined the two buildings together to form one large detached building. The newly purchased section of the building was used for female educational provisions.


As time has gone by and the number of Muslim’s within the community has rapidly increased, additional space has been required, particularly during weekly Friday prayers and Islamic congregations such as Eid, where hundreds of local Muslims are gathered.

In2000, the community identified the need to increase the Masjid’s capacity to accommodate it’s growing Muslim population, and as a result the adjacent land was purchased from the local council for £75,000, raised through generous donations (Alhamdulillah – All praise is due to Allah). masjid_land

The land will be used to build a brand new purpose built community Masjid to cater for the local community. This will include separate entrances for males and females, a crèche, funeral services, sports and recreation facilities and much more.


Click here for more information about plans for the new Masjid.