The Madrasah is an Arabic word, which means, “school”. Receiving Islamic knowledge is an obligation upon every Muslim. A Muslim is required to learn about the faith in order to exercise his or her duties well as a Muslim.An integral part of our Masjid is Madrasah Islamic education for our children. We also have Hifdh class, and also have a set curriculum throughout the year.

Two boys classes with Tajweed

  • Level 1: 35 students taught by Mulana Amaanullah
  • Level 2 and Hifdh: 20 students taught by Mufti Atiqur Rahman

Two girls classes with Tajweed

  • Girls classes taught by two female teachers 35-40 students split into two classes.


 Contact Madrasah Teachers

  • Mufti Atiqur Rahman 0783 5399 589
  •  Mulana Amaanullah 0770 7279 036